The federal Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, amended by Congress in 2007, requires the disclosure of lobbying efforts directed at Congress and the federal executive branch. The Act requires Oregon State University to, on a quarterly basis, report a good faith estimate of all expenditures on federal lobbying activities conducted on behalf of the University.  The Act also requires semi-annual reports of campaign contributions.

As the University’s registered federal lobbyist, Gabrielle Serra is responsible for all reporting of University lobbying activities.  In order to comply with the Act, OSU must track all University-related lobbying activities of OSU employees.  Please note that the University is not responsible for reporting lobbying activities performed on behalf of your personal or scholarly interests or of any professional organizations.  If you have participated in lobbying activities on behalf of the University, or have questions about lobbying disclosure, please contact Gabrielle Serra by email at [email protected] or by phone (541) 737-6320 or consult the Lobbying Disclosure Act Guidance.