Oregonians have many opportunities to advocate for higher education and Oregon State University. We encourage all citizens to engage with their state legislators in person, by phone and by e-mail.  As a citizen, your efforts are important year-round both in Salem and in your district. 

Identifying your representatives is the first step. You are represented by a State Senator, a State Representative, and three members of Congress – two Senators and one Representative. You can find out who they are and how to contact them using the Find My Legislator tool. 

State Legislative Priorities

The Oregon Legislative Assembly convenes on January 12 in Salem and will run through early July.  Our priorities for the 2015 legislative session are primarily focused on reversing the decline in state investment in higher education.  We are also pursuing a number of capital construction projects including the Marine Studies Initiative, expansion of the College of Forestry complex, continued expansion of OSU-Cascades in Bend, improving accessibility on the Corvallis campus and increased investments in the OSU Statewide Public Service Programs – OSU Extension, Agricultural Experiment Station and Forest Research Laboratory.

For information about how to work with legislators, check our advocacy guidelines which provide information on both State and Federal advocacy.

With knowledge of our goals and priorities, you are ready to advocate for OSU! Below are ways to engage legislators and stay informed throughout the session.

  • Write to your legislators.
    As a constituent, your opinion matters. Writing emails and letters to your legislators about why higher education matters to you makes a difference. Consult our State advocacy guidelines to find out how to communicate with your legislators.
  • Participate in OSU Day at the Capitol.
    On no day is OSU more visible in Salem than on our annual OSU Day. See highlights from OSU Day 2014 and get involved with OSU Day 2015 this April.
  • Understand OSU’s footprint in your legislative district.
    OSU’s impact in Oregon reaches far beyond the Corvallis campus. See what impact OSU has through facilities, volunteers, employment, and enrollment in your area.
  • Connect with our office.
    OSU Government Relations produces periodic newsletters that to keep you up to speed on what is happening in Salem and Washington, DC. Sign up for updates.